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Invention Parts Gathering
Forum » Misc. » Invention
Joined: 27th Jan 2016
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27th Jan 2016

Items to Disassemble for Invention parts

To gain 
Bladed parts
, get weapons from:
•Throwing weapons shop in the Ranged Guild, south of Seer's Village
•Weapon shop in Jatizso
•Weapon shop in Warrior's Guild, Burthorpe
*Sir Amik Varze, Falador
•Adamant/Rune weapons from gargoyles, grotworms & ascension monsters
•Scimitar shop in Al Kharid

Organic parts
•Fly traps seeds (reportedly one of the best chances to give Organic parts at the moment)
*Snape grass (a close second, give regular Organic parts)
•Adrenaline (4) potions
•Summer pies 

Clear parts
(glass & gems):
*Crystal flasks (very high chance for parts)
*Unpowered orbs
*Killing gargoyles yields gems for clear parts
*Lantern lens- 46% junk 
*Crafting empty light bulbs and then disassembling

Crafted parts:

*Higher tier potions (especially extremes)
*Adrenaline (4) potions

Knightly components:

*Black and white equipment (knives, etc.)
*Sir Amik Varze at the White Knight's caste in Falador

Strong components & Protective components
- these are difficult to obtain, but it seems that shop hopping armour shops in Al Kharid, Falador and Varrock and disassembling armour give some Strong & Protective componets, even though it's very unlikely (I got about 7 for every 100 disassembled). Magic shieldbows (u) also give about the same chance of Strong components, but no Protective
*Adamant/Rune armour from gargoyles, grotworms & ascension monsters
*Armour shop in Jatizso

Healthy components:

*Zamorak brews (3)- tested 30/1000
*Saradomin brews

Enhanced components:

*Zamorak brews (3)- tested 101/1000
*Saradomin brews

Credits to randoms on the RS forums !
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Forum » Misc. » Invention
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