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I Am Xavier!!!!!!!!
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Joined: 11th Jan 2016
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8th Jan 2017

I Am Xavier. Go by Xavier Morta ingame, Though it isn't my real name. 
Ingame I do alot of bossing and afkable skilling. 
Ive been playing rs since 2006 , on and off. 

I'm 21 years old, have a dog, it's a pitbull that would be willing to lick you to death but nothing more.
I have worked in a metal fabrication factory for 3 years now. 
I'm an avid gamer and have a collection worth over 10k.
I enjoy the finer things in life, such as lifting heavy objects, eating food, enjoying a cold beer on a hot summer day, and video games.
I'm an open book if you ask me. Check me ingame or ask to play another with me. 

                    Big Puff Daddy Out
Forum » Clannies » Who am I?
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