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I am Sandy Claus
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Event Planner Sandy
Joined: 26th Dec 2015
Rank: Overseer
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3rd Jan 2017

My actual name is Sandy. ( original )
I started rs  in 2006. ( yes before ge )
I'm a skiller in the game. (  eeek that grind )
I have 200m in construction.  ( yawns/ poor )
I am now properly maxed cape with 120 Dg and Invention.  ( woot! )
I love love love playing rs every chance I get. ( addicted much )
I have a current goal in rs to prepare for the upcoming dxp ( not announced yet but predicted for Feb )
In real life I work with the disabled ( rewarding / rs xp waste lol )
My rs character is bald ( no I AM NOT lol )
I love to stock pile in my bank ( yet never had max cash, I wish )
In real life I don't like to spend money ( yay dollar store )
In game I eat sharks. ( have eaten flake/ hake/ shark before.. nom )
I never listen to rs music ( love the 80's )
I love clocks ( random )
I love chocolate ( again random but predictable being a woman )
I have 2 rs skilling pets atm . ( slayer and fishing )
0 pets in real life ( = no mess )
I don't like driving much ( but I do teleport via helicopter lol rs )
I like to joke around and love games ( I'm the life of a party - so they say )

that'll do pig - that'll do..... ( lol babe movie )
*pm me in game if you like to know more ( open book lol )
thanks for accepting me into your lives ... ( thanks for reading )

*** thought of the day ****.. ( Happiness trumps everything )
Sandy x

Forum » Clannies » Who am I?
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