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Favorite band/group/genre of music
Forum » Misc. » Music
Joined: 6th Jan 2016
Rank: Clan Member
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10th Jan 2016

As I'm sure some of the old clan members remember if they know me.  I.  Love.  Music.  Alot.  Because of that I have the urge to ask you all; what genres of music trip your triggers?  What music do you like to put on when playing RS, or just the kind you like in general?  Favorite song you can't get enough of? Let me know!  
- I love everything alternative rock;  Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes, Coldplay, Bush, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Blink-182.  
- I also love classic rock with a bluesy, and overall calming feel; Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Electric Light Orchestra, Hall & Oats, Boston, the list goes on and on.  
- My all-time favorite band is Queens of the Stone Age hands down.
Whether you just want to name some stuff, or post me some videos below, or even if you just want to point and laugh at the guy posting a forum about music preference, I'm game for all of it!
Happy Scapin'! 
Last Edit: 10th Jan 2016 by Happosia
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
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10th Jan 2016

With good speakers or headphones there is nothing better than a good high quality bass with a catchy melody in the house/related or pop genre.

But sometimes on a Sunday afternoon, there is nothing better than to listen to Queen .

And playing anything fast pasted Like LoL, Cs:go or Diablo3 a dubstep song or something of that sort really makes gaming fun.

Every music style fits with a different action or place for me. Loads of songs bring memories of a certain event in the past. That's why I love all music. Music is love, Music is life c:
Joined: 11th Dec 2015
Rank: Deputy Owner
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11th Jan 2016

Alternative/Classic Rock
Electric Light Orchestra, Billy Joel, Cake, Two Door Cinema Club, The Offspring, R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, Modest Mouse, etc.
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Dictator Supreme
Likes 50
11th Jan 2016

Um, I like everything but Country and Dubstep
I think Pop may be my favorite

Last Edit: 11th Jan 2016 by KittyAshlee
Joined: 6th Jan 2016
Rank: --
Likes 0
12th Jan 2016

- Bowie. Feeling kind of gutted right now ._.
- Shitty 80's music
- Teeny bop Ariana Grande Katy Perry One Direction type stuff
Joined: 13th Dec 2015
Rank: Admin
Likes 6
13th Jan 2016

It depends on my mood and situation really.

*In summer I listen to tropical house and electro, stuff that sounds tropical and sunny (such as Kygo, Petit Biscuit, Robin Schulz)
*For gaming I listen to DnB or dubstep (not for runescape though) but I'm very picky with dubstep songs
*Sometimes I feel like listening to unpopular chill wave and sad trap (for which I have an extra soundcloud user) it's deep and calming (Bones, Dylan Brady, misogi, ℒund)
*Sometimes when I'm really sad, I like to listen to old nostalgic music, that I heard as a kid to get away (definitely Modern Talking, I know every song, every word lol). I have a lot of positive childhood memories with Modern Talking. I always end up singing, even when I'm sad.
*More indie or miscellanous stuff I listen to: Lana Del Rey, Daft Punk, Oliver Tank, Rebecca & Fiona

I don't listen to any of country, jazz, hardstyle though

Right now playing:

Last Edit: 13th Jan 2016 by kuukimonsta
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Dictator Supreme
Likes 50
15th Jan 2016

Ah yes, I also enjoy a lot of punk rock
Canadian Billy Talent (who I met when they came to Vancouver)
Linkin Park, Red etc

Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Dictator Supreme
Likes 50
15th Jan 2016

Last Edit: 15th Jan 2016 by KittyAshlee
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Organiser
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19th Jan 2016

Favorite song would have to be Death of a Bachelor - Panic! at the Disco Or Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey

Favorite Band wise I tend to lean towards Lana Del Rey, Panic! at the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, and MGMT.

Genre wise I don't really have any preferences unless its country or gospel. I do tend to lean towards Alternative.
Last Edit: 19th Jan 2016 by Wolfyruler
Forum » Misc. » Music
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