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Shades of Mort'ton Event (Easy Money Event)
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blinx241of the citadel
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Head Deputy Owner
Likes 20
25th May 2017

Hia Clannies,
I will be running a Shades of Mort'ton event on 

World 88 at Reset (00:00 Game time) on Saturday 3rd June .

Shades of Mort'ton is minigame where you repair a ruined temple & build up sanctity.
The goal of this activity is to turn olive oil into sacred oil which sells for quite a bit of profit.
You buy the oil for 26 gp from the Mort'ton general store, convert it to sacred oil and sell on GE for 6689gp (at the time of this post).

To do this activity you you need to complete most of the quest  Shades of Mort'ton (up to the point when you can repair the temple), you can however complete the quest during the event as it is short and is basically just an introduction to the minigame.

I recommend doing the quest  In Aid of the Myreque up to point where you unlock the bank before the event.

Wiki link: ... t'ton_(minigame)

Hope to see you all there
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Forum » Clan Events » Event Archives
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