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Double xp Weekend
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what to do with AVA on DXPWEEKEND

Follow Vos at priffdinas
Burthop, where portables are
what is runescape
OMG i cant care less
Lets all cap in DXP

Joined: 10th Jan 2016
Rank: Admin
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7th Feb 2016

Hello Clannies,

As most of you know Double Exp Weekend is comming on Feb 25th,

We currently have 2 Avatars at the citadel and we plan to use them as much as we can during this Double Xp.

Well any ideas?

yes, lets have one AVA always in Priff mostly where VOS is currently at so clannies get the best xp per hour.

Joined: 9th Dec 2015
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7th Feb 2016

Well as a person who will do herb for many hours and summoning for many hours, making a schechule and even people booking the avatar will make it really time consuming to drop it for someone who really needs it and then getting it back afterwards.

Even if we choose a location where it will be, there are always people who can't access Priff or just are doing a different skill somewhere else, considering only 1 ava per world. 

I suggest that our main goal would be that we would always have  2 avas out at all times, one in world 79 and the other in world 2, so that everyone can get their 3%*2 . 

So communication will be the best bet there. I personally do not mind who has the ava, worrying about the 3%*2 extra exp will just rack my nerves more and ruin my schechule I have planned for my skill gainz.

That is my idea. Sometimes something too complex can just ruin the fun part.
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Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Dictator Supreme
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10th Feb 2016

I think that ava should stay out of priff for dbxp

I agree, 1 in 79 at all times, and at least 1 should be in burthorpe?

Joined: 9th Dec 2015
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10th Feb 2016

Would the Priff center not get more traffic than burthorpe ? Just if someone admin+ is online alone and he/she has other activities to do and can't be in burthorpe.
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