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Double xp 17th Feb to 20th, 2017 (bond giveaway)
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Event Planner Sandy
Joined: 26th Dec 2015
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3rd Feb 2017

Hey Clannies,

Exciting, Exciting... It's this time again, time for some great xp's .. 

This  Double xp Competition:
I will personally give out 1 bond to whomever gets the closest total dxp to me.

THE BRAG : I am especially excited by this one as I will have pre-banked approx. 100m xp even before it starts in collecting 160 lvl 10's for invention xp and about 18m xp in Flash Powder Factory points. WOOT!
However I am due to go on vacation midway through it, I will hopefully still get my desired goals accomplished.)

Best wishes to all for some great gains.
Sandy Claus x
Forum » Clan Events » Event Archives
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