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cursed energy divination
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Event Planner Sandy
Joined: 26th Dec 2015
Rank: Overseer
Likes 5
27th Jan 2017

Dear Clannies,
A good friend of mine from another clan has asked me would we be interested in participating in gathering and collecting cursed energy. They had attempted this last month but being wilderness it scared a lot away. Yes, it is dangerous and risky however there will be a deposit bank box right at the cursed energy divination site. If you go with nothing and no skilling outfit or anything and constantly bank via the deposit bank provided there's low risk.
Event :  Cursed energy collection
When: 3:00 game time tomorrow Jan 27th w79
Duration: 1hour to 2 hours depending on pkers and interest.
Guest clan:  glad2bhelp

I will announce it in game too when the time comes.
see you there
Sandy Claus x
Last Edit: 27th Jan 2017 by Sandy
blinx241of the citadel
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Head Deputy Owner
Likes 20
28th Jan 2017

All tiers of the div outfits are free to reclaim from Diango in Draynor if lost,
Event Planner Sandy
Joined: 26th Dec 2015
Rank: Overseer
Likes 5
28th Jan 2017

Result and review from event:

A last minute decision to switch to w45 paid off with only 1 wave of pkers in the 2 hours of play, Yes we were all killed some of us fought back however, no one lost anything as the portable deposit bank provided us with a quick "dump all in" option. We had many little accidental attacks on each other with misclicks on wisps which we resolved after right clicking the option first.
Clan: glad2bhelp was collecting with us and provided us with the portable deposit banks. Ty!

My personal result: Thousands of memories and energies deposited at the site resulted after later conversion a grand total of 15,184 cursed energies which I then converted to incandescents yielding a total of 22,650 and 84 cursed left over ( rate = 100 cursed to 150 incandenscents)
Today's street value is down however, a still healthy chunk of cash of around 6m gp.

The next event will be scheduled mid March!
see ya then
Sandy Claus x
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Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Dictator Supreme
Likes 51
29th Jan 2017

This event was a lot of fun! Thanks Sandy for setting this up, and I'd love to come in March too

Forum » Clan Events » Event Archives
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