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Anima Islands MiniGame Event
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blinx241of the citadel
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8th Jul 2017

Hia Clannies,
I will be running a Tuska Minigame event on 

World 79 at Reset (00:00 Game time) on Saturday 22nd July .

Anima Islands is a is a minigame similar to the Tuska Comes World Event.
Combat isn't mandatory but you can bring a weapon if desired.

Several rewards are on offer:

Tuska Warpriest:
Warpriest armour is a set of hybrid armour which levels up with the player's Defence level, with a maximum of 75. 

Each piece of the Warpriest of Tuska armour set gives the player a 1% chance to deal a maximum hit against an enemy in combat, for a 6% chance in total. Wearing at least 3 pieces is required to gain this passive effect, similar to how the other warpriest armour sets function.


  Sacrifice - When Sacrifice is used, the player deals 20-100% weapon damage to their target regardless of protection prayers, and is healed by 25% of the damage dealt, or 100% if the ability kills the target.

  Devotion - Devotion is a threshold ability associated with the Defence skill. It grants 100% effectiveness of protection prayers and deflect curses (75% in PvP) for 10 seconds. 

  Transfigure - Transfigure is an ultimate constitution ability. It binds the user for 6 seconds, and when the bind ends, the player heals 250% of any damage taken during the stun, and becomes immune to stuns and binds for 15 seconds, although this immunity does not appear on the Buffs and debuffs bar. The healing is capped at 75% of your maximum lifepoints, taking armour and bonfire boosts into account.

  Tuska's Wrath - The ability deals damage equal to 10,000% of (or 100×) the player's Slayer level (including any stat changes) against their current slayer assignment. It will use this calculation even if that number would be less than 110% weapon damage.

Other Rewards:

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