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14th Dec 2015

Hello fellow clannies

I've added this topic so you may reach out to other clannies about capping at the citadel together. For those of you who do not know, we have a 1/3 rule to prevent using other's resources in the citadel. Note that this only applies to those who will be smithing bars:

1/3 of your cap should go towards making charcoal for yourself, at the Kiln
1/3 should go towards mining one of the two kinds of ore, whichever you will be making bars from, located at the Mine
1/3 should be smithing bars from the ore you just mined, located at the Furnace

For those of you who wish to gain all their xp in, say, smithing, you can reach out and ask if there are 2 other clannies who would do your portion of charcoal and mining. For example, Kitty could do 100% charcoal, Blinx could do 100% ore, and I could do 100% bars so we do not waste anyone's hard-earned resources without their permission, and still achieve the 1/3 rule.

To make things easier on the citadel manager(s), please ensure that one of the three participants who agreed to your deal comes back to add a simple (Completed) on your thread. It lets us know that we don't have 1k charcoal and 1k ore sitting there that the third participant didn't turn into bars. We can then also lock the thread.

Thanks, and good luck!

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Forum » Runescape » Clannie Correspondance Locked
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