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17th Jan 2016

One method I am always comfortable sharing with people, is not the greatest method, but if you're low level, and looking for a little extra daily cash, this is a great way to earn your first 1m;  I'm talking about going to NPC shops around RuneScape and buying items that you can then go to the Grand Exchange to sell for profit.  Two items that I wanna emphasis on are Feathers and Broad Arrowheads.

 There are multiple fishing shops to buy Feathers at that are located on the mini-map with a hook symbol, the locations that I most go to are: 
  • Al Kharid - South of the lodestone, to Shantay Pass, trade with Shantay
  • Port Sarim - Right next to the lodestone, at Gerrant's Fishy Business, trade with Gerrant
  • Lumbridge - Northwest of lodestone, at Lumbridge Fishing Supplies, trade with HankTHERE ARE OTHER FISHING SHOPS, BUT THEY REQUIRE THE COMPLETION OF MULTIPLE QUESTS The next item is Broad Arrowheads; WITH THE COMPLETION OF THE "SMOKING KILLS" QUEST, you can purchase 2 stacks of 3000 a day, one from the Slayer master in Taverly, and then one other stack, from any of the different Slayer Masters, really up to you there, I usually go to Edgeville Dungeon
  • Taverly - South from the lodestone, and then East past the bridge, trade either Jacquelyn or Turael
  • Edgeville - Head East to the Bank, and then South down the Trapdoor at the corner of the ruined house, head North and then East through the gate, and then keep going down that path until you see good old Vannaka, to trade and buy the remaining Broad ArrowheadsWATCH OUT FOR THE WILDERNESS PATH RIGHT NEXT TO HIM Now, of course Grand Exchange prices always vary, but as of January 17th, 2016,Feathers: 18k was spent, I got 135k PROFIT after sellingBroad Arrowheads: 300k was spent, 228k PROFIT You can make up to 363k profit A DAY from this methodWhich isn't a whole lot I know, but it's a good little thing to do daily to add up your stack, ESPECIALLY for lower levels, who will be limited to the Feathers but can still make 135k a day for a 5-10 minute task.Thanks for reading if you did, and if you have any questions, contact me-- Happosia420.  I would be glad to help! 
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