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Fight Kiln Guide
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Fight Kiln Guide 
The Fight Kiln is a sequel to the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame. New additions to the fight such as  the use of familiars, new enemies, and lava crystals , which have different and useful fights. This causes a much different fight compared to the Fight Cave.

• Completion of The Elder Kiln quest
• Having done the Fight Cave successfully once as a one-time fire cape payment is required for the Fight Kiln
• A pickaxe (rune or better, tool belt works)
Suggested requirements:
• 75+ in att, def, str, mage, and range
• Access to hybrid armor
• 52+ summoning for Beast of Burdens
• 70+ prayer 
• Curses for deflect mage/range (this isn’t that big of a deal, normal prayer works fine)

What is new in Fight Kiln compared to Fight Cave? 
Creatures are stronger and are much harder to hit if you don’t attack against their weakness. Also new is the  TokHaar-Ket-Dill  (if you did the quest TokTz-Ket-Dill, you will be familiar with this enemy) and a new boss  Har-Aken . In addition, there are 7 Jads throughout the Fight Kiln which can hit much harder if you don’t pray correctly, but these  Jads have much lower health and do not spawn any healers . The Fight Kiln also does not follow any specific pattern to how the enemies will spawn like the Fight Cave does (i.e. Fight Cave waves 1-3 are a 1) lvl 22, 2) lvl 22 + lvl 22, 3) lvl 22 + lvl 22= lvl 45) as well as only being 37 waves compared to 63 waves, but don’t let this deceive you that it may be quicker/easier.

In addition to this:
• The bird that drains prayer is not in the Fight Cave
• The big melee creature does not heal in melee distance
• There is an additional ranger/melee creature that have no special effects
• The little blobs that split in 2 in Fight Cave do no split in the Fight Kiln
These are “power-ups” that will appear at the end of every other wave starting with wave 1. The crystals always appear to the south of the little rock in the center of the arena. Crystals do stack on each other.

Invulnerability Crystal - Makes you invincible for 15 seconds (does not work against TokHaar-Ket-Dill’s special attack)               *appears on wave 1, 13, 25

Restoration Crystal - Fully restores health and prayer points

  *appears on wave 3, 15, 27

Magic Crystal - Boosts magic by 50% for 3.5 minutes but also reduces defense significantly

 *appears on wave 5, 17, 29

Ranging Crystal - Boosts range by 50% for 3.5 minutes but also reduces defense significantly

 *appears on wave 7, 19, 31

Strength Crystal - Boosts strength by 50% for 3.5 minutes but also reduces defense significantly

 *appears on wave 9, 21, 33

Constitution Crystal - Boosts constitution by 50% for 3.5 minutes. When the effect wears off, you are healed to full health
 *appears on wave 11, 23, 35
The only worthwhile crystals to use when you attempt the Fight Kiln are the Invulnerability, Restoration, and Constitution as the other crystals take up inventory space and can be potentially harmful.
It is recommended (but not necessary) to bring all 3 ( 2 minimum) styles of combat to the Fight Kiln, making hybrid armor invaluable.

Armor suggestions:

Obsidian*<Void<Warpriest<Dragon Rider

*Obsidian armor requires completion of the quest ‘Brink of Extinction,’ which requires 80 smithing as well as spending time in the Fight Cauldron gathering obsidian shards and requires 85 smithing to make the armor set (can be assisted). However, full obsidian (excluding shield) will reduce all damage in the TzHaar area by 45%.

Note: If you don’t have hybrid armor, bring the best armor for each style and use a platebody/platelegs switch.

Best weapon possible for each style, but 2 handed weapons are better than dual wield if it’s the same tier since it saves inventory space.

Not including T90 weapons as this geared to lower levels and cost is considered. It is recommended to have at least T75+ weapons to complete the Fight Kiln.

Melee : Chaotic Maul<Dual Chaotics< Saradomin Godsword* <Korasi dual wield

Range : Royal Crossbow/Zbow< Chaotic Crossbows< Arma Crossbows

Magic : Chaotic Staff=Crystal staff<Virtus wand/book<Arma Battlestaff< Abyssal wand/orb

For magic, melee’ers are weak to water spells

*Although the Sara Godsword is the weakest recommended weapon, it can prove to be the most useful melee weapon for the Fight Kiln. Due to the weapons special attack, which heals and restores prayer points, it can save multiple inventory spaces filled by prayer pots and it saves on food.

Wear your best all-around amulet and cape (unless you are using warpriest)

*Ring: As a reward for completing The Elder Kiln, you receive a Tokkul-Zo, a hybrid ring that does 10% extra damage to TzHaar, lava, and obsidian creatues.  This ring is highly recommended to use, however it does degrade (4000 hits on TzHaar or obsidian creatures). If you run out of Tokkul to recharge your ring, then use the best hybrid ring you have.

Aura: Aura isn’t needed, but it helps. If you aren’t using a Sara Godsword use the Penance aura, else use the Vampyrism aura.
*Wear a sign of life
• 5-7 prayer pots/flasks 
• Super Warmaster Potion (a.k.a poor man's overload)
• Weapon switches
Backup familiar
• Sharks or better for food

Familiar Inventory:
• Sharks
• 1 extra familiar pouch (for low level beginners, a third familiar pouch may be required, in this case swap out a pray pot for a super restore pot)
The Actual Fight/Tactics: 
Waves 1-4:
Hide behind the L shaped rock in the southern part of the arena. Kill the creatures in front of you 1 at a time by simply moving one square to the left. Once the creatures in front of you are dead, finish off the enemies to the east and then to the west. 

*At the end of wave 1, pick up the Invulnerability Crystal south of the rock in the center of the arena. Also pick up Restoration Crystal at the end of wave 3.

Rock to hide behind
Wave 5:  Proceed to kill the TokHaar creatures as described in waves 1-4, but there is also a TokHaar-Ket-Dill that is in the northeast part of the arena. These have a very dangerous special attack in which they can stomp the ground and a fireball will come from the ceiling and will hit 1k+.  A good tactic to deal with these is to trap them behind the small center rock, then use a hit and run tactic with a melee weapon  (Dismember is very effective in taking their rock layer out) to get rid of their rock layer, then finish the Ket-Dill with magic while safe spotting)     
Wave 6-9: same concept as waves 1-4, hide behind L shaped rock
Wave 10- First Jad (spawns in the southwest corner)
This Wave you will want to start to the east of the L shaped rock that is used as a safe-spot, build up adrenaline on the ranger, then when you are ready to face Jad run west having either protect range or mage.

Threshold abilities such as asphyxiate for mage and rapid fire for range are effective in damaging Jad as well as deflect curses if you have them.  The TokHaar Jad only has 7900 hitpoints and does not summon healers, but if he lands an attack it can hit much higher than the Fight Cave Jad (over 10000 hp!) . Use protect from range if Jad slams the ground and protect from mage if Jad raises its entire body.

After defeating Jad on wave 10, a cut scene will occur.
Waves 11-1
Same concept as waves 1-4 and 5-9, hide behind the L shaped rock to the south.

Ket-Zets (big mages) will start to appear on these rounds                                                                               

*Crystals to pick up: Constitution (wave 11), Invulnerability (Wave 13), and Restoration (Wave 15)

Wave 19:  Similar to wave 5, finish off all the enemies then deal with the TokHaar-Ket-Dill using Hit and run tactics.
Wave 20, Jad #2 (spawns in southwest corner) 
Move to the southeast corner again (east of the L shaped rock) and kill the Ket-Zet, then proceed to the west and kill another Jad.

A second cut scene will occur after Jad is defeated.

Waves 21-27:  
The L shaped rock to the south is gone now so move to the north of the center rock. Your priorities will be to kill anything to the northeast and northwest of you as you will be safe from melee creatures and sometimes mages/rangers to the south.

Crystals: Pick up Constitution (Wave 23), Invulnerablility (Wave 25), and Restoration (Wave 27)

Wave 28: *Use a Constitution Crystal*

One Ket-Zet along with 8 TokHaar-Ket-Dill spawn on this wave. As soon as you see the wave spawn use a constitution crystal and kill the Ket-Zet first, then use a melee weapon to break through the all the Dill’s rock armor (you do not need to safe spot as you will be basically invincible with a constitution crystal on this wave)

Wave 29:  
Stay north of the center rock and kill all the big melee creatures

Wave 30: Jad again?!? (Spawns in southwest corner) 
Make sure you are ready to prayer switch immediately at the start of this wave (unless a invulnerability crystal is used), stay on the north side of the rock, but on the square to the east behind this rock as it can cause Jad to not attack you until you run out.  However don’t rely on this 100% just to be sure so always be prepared to pray.

Wave 31-33:  
Stay to the north of the rock and defeat all the enemies, pretty straightforward.

Wave 34: The return of Jad (spawns in southeast corner) 
Stand to on the western square behind the center rock to the north (still be prepared to pray switch in case Jad attacks), if Jad does not start attacking right away, kill the melee creature that will be right next to you, then Jad, and finally the ranger.
Wave 35: More Jad! (Spawns in northeast corner) 
Use a invulnerability crystal at the start of this wave and finish Jad off as quickly as possible 
(when using the invulnerability crystal it is still advised to pray switch in case you don’t notice the chat box saying the effect ended.)  After Jad is defeated, finish off the other creatures however you like then  pick up the constitution crystal.

Wave 36: You’re kidding, right? (2 Jads in southwest and southeast corner) 
Nope...Two Jads spawn on this wave!

Use a Constitution crystal so you cannot get 1 hit by the Jads because of the health boost.
Use an invulnerability crystal  for precaution and stand on the eastern square behing the center rock to the north. The purpose of the invulnerability crystal is either A) Kill one quick enough to not be attacked by both after the crystal effect ends or B) Make sure that only one Jad is attacking at a time, move around a little to find a spot where you can attack one at a time.

*Warning* After the first Jad is defeated, make sure to horizontal before running vertical to avoid being swiped by Jads melee attack

Wave 37: Har-Aken (Final Wave!)

What makes this boss unique is that Har-Aken itself does not attack you, rather tentacles of magic and range combat styles will attack you. Har-Aken is also not always present.  Har-Aken will be submerged in the lava for a little over a minute then rise up either on the west, south, or east side of the arena for about 30 seconds. 

Strategy: Use a constitution crystal to neglect the damage from the tentacles and build up adrenaline for when Har-Aken appears.   Magic is the best combat style to use against Har-Aken as melee and ranged damage taken by Har-Aken is halved (it’s still a fairly easy fight with melee and range, just takes longer

Cape Rewards:

TokHaar-Kal-Xil (range)       TokHaar-Kal-Ket (melee)   TokHaar-Kal-Mej (magic)
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