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blinx241of the citadel
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Head Deputy Owner
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11th Dec 2015

Simple game. Answer the "would you rather" question asked by the poster above you, and why, and then come up with your own!

Here goes: Would you rather win the lottery, or live twice as long?
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Dictator Supreme
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11th Dec 2015

Win the lottery because I'd rather live a good life for the time I have now, rather than a struggle for twice as long

Would you rather eat a dozen rotten eggs or sit in a room with them (broken and all that nasty stuff) for an hour

Event Planner Dreke13
Joined: 10th Dec 2015
Rank: Overseer
Likes 4
12th Dec 2015

Sit in a room with them, I can endure that better than eating them for sure.

Would you rather be able to travel through time, or travel through space?

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"Seek freedom from the conformity of styles"
~Bruce Lee

Joined: 13th Dec 2015
Rank: Admin
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14th Dec 2015

Tough question but through time I guess. Some moments need to be experienced again.

Would you rather live in a world with no problems at all or rule the world?

Last Edit: 14th Dec 2015 by kuukimonsta
Joined: 23rd Dec 2015
Rank: --
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29th Dec 2015

Live in as world with no problems. If I was in charge all hell would break loose.

Would you rather, lose a foot and one arm, or lose a hand and one leg?
Joined: 13th Jan 2016
Rank: Clan Member
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14th Jan 2016

Well since theres no kill myself option... id say lose a foot and an arm cuz ROBOT ARM.

Would you rather put a cut hand in a bowl of lemon juice for 30 minutes or get your leg mauled by a bear?
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