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23rd Dec 2015

I spent more than ten years playing this game. I've done lots with it, with many different character builds. 

I was one of the first to ever build a trap sin who used a HOTO and a Stormshield and her own Infinity on switch with a COA and TGod's. I hardly used the switch, though, as I was mostly PVM with a merc using the Infinity. I'd sometimes use a wiz spike but didn't really need to because of all the sorb and maxed out res SCs and skillers with res on em. 

In my earlier days, even, I dabbed in several hero editors for single-player/closed B-net playing.

I've had Zealers, Bowzons with and w/o enigma, Barbs of several sorts, PVP druid which could easily switch to PVM, etc... you name it, I most likely have built one or 20.

I played on Singleplayer first, when internet was harder to come by, Closed Bnet second, Open Bnet nonladder USWest, then Ladder (when I learned of all the things a non-ladder char couldn't make/do with runes), and eventually started playing USWest Ladder Hardcore and Hardcore Classic modes. I use to trade in game, ebay and eventually on

Then I met MC and realized I had had enough Diablo for a lifetime. Recently I started up another character on USWest Ladder, though, under the account name MountainDude23... go figure, eh?
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Forum » Great Games » Diablo
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