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DXP weekend September 15th to 18th 2017
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Event Planner Sandy
Joined: 26th Dec 2015
Rank: Overseer
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11th Sep 2017

This Dxp (Double experience weekend) competition will be held by Sandys Dxp. 
The competition is for September dxp 2017 running for 72hours starting from the 15th@ 12:00UTC.
The competition is for current Elysian Fields clan members.
Competition is for Total Dxp earned over the 72hours and will be as recorded by runeclan.
Competition prizes will be awarded as follows:
1st place $5million gp
2nd place $3million gp
3rd place $2million gp
4th place $1million gp
5th place $1million gp    


Happy Gainz ppl
Sandys Dxp
Event Planner Sandy
Joined: 26th Dec 2015
Rank: Overseer
Likes 5
12th Sep 2017

Double XP Weekend

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  • Double XP Weekend

Double up your XP Gains
Join the RuneScape community for 72 hours of XP awesomeness in this much-loved skilling event.
Read on for full details of the event and make the most of its magnificent XP bonuses. See you in game!

How Does It Work?
Each Double XP Weekend lasts for 72 hours, during which base XP for most combat and skilling activities is increased:

Any Restrictions?
The Double XP Weekend boost is not applied to the XP earned through the following items or activities:
  • Assist system
  • XP lamps
  • Tomes of experience
  • Ectofuntus
  • Cremation
  • Dragon rider amulet
  • Auto-sanctifiers
  • Goldsmithing gloves
  • Brawling gloves
  • Player-owned house altars
  • Wilderness Chaos altar
  • Dungeoneering wildcards
  • Sacred clay
  • Urns
  • Ancient effigies

It also does not apply to XP rewards given on hand-in for the following activities:
  • Quests
  • Daily Challenges
  • Jade Vine
  • Strange and golden rocks
  • Other Distractions & Diversions

It does not apply to XP awarded on hand-in of points or tokens. Examples:
  • Slayer point rewards
  • Brimhaven Agility Arena tickets
  • Dungeoneering tokens

The Invention skill benefits differently to others:
  • Item XP is gained at +50%
  • Making items on a workbench (charge packs, siphons etc) gives +50% improved XP
  • Disassembling random items (logs, potions etc) will give +50% improved XP
  • Disassembling/siphoning equipment does not give improved XP

Ironman accounts do not receive an XP boost on Double XP Weekend.
Finally, while stored Bonus XP itself is not boosted, it is still awarded alongside the boost from Double XP Weekend. So a member training a skill with stored Bonus XP on Double XP Weekend will receive +200% base XP.

Get Involved!

Event Planner Sandy
Joined: 26th Dec 2015
Rank: Overseer
Likes 5
19th Sep 2017

Another great DXP event has ended. Great gainz everyone, I hope you reached your goals.
1. Darkside Own  157,924,979      Prize $5m  (Well done! - Respected) and NEW Clan Dxp RECORD
2. Sandys dxp        84,005,986      Prize $0     ( Got Butt kicked)
3. Elysian Kali        40,047,740      Prize $2m   (Nice job- great grind)
4.kynon                  28,545,742      Prize $1m   (Nice job)
5. Sony Reborn     27,347,115      Prize $1m    (Nice job)

Honourable mentions: 
6. Bald2012         26,268,133       Prize $250k
7. Dreke13          21,306,764        Prize $250k
8. IMythicals        21,256,102       Priize $250k
9. DD Reaper     20,193,915        Prize $250k
10. KittyAshlee  16,784,146         Prize $250k + 1 raw potato

*Additional Prize money awarded to Darkside Own of $3m for "owning" us all in an outstanding effort.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this dxp, hope to see you and your gainz in Feb 2018.

Sandys dxp

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