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DXP Competition Feb 23 to 26, 2018
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Event Planner Sandy
Joined: 26th Dec 2015
Rank: Overseer
Likes 5
21st Feb 2018

DOUBLE EXPERIENCE WEEKEND (DXP) is here again -  lets get excited!!   

This Dxp (Double experience weekend) competition will be held by Sandys dxp. 
The competition runs from  February  23rd @ 12:00 UTC running for 72hours until the 26th@ 12:00UTC.  2018.
The competition is for current Elysian Fields clan members.
Competition is for Total XP earned over the 72hours and will be as recorded by runeclan.
Competition cash prizes will be awarded as follows: 
1st:  10 million coins
2nd: 5 million coins
3rd: 3 million coins
4th: 2 million coins
5th: 1 million coins
6th: 1 million coins
7th: 1 million coins
8th: 1 million coins
9th: 1 million coins
10th: 1 million coins
Please see me to collect your prize asap.
Note:  If I am in the top 10, my prize will be figured out afterwards.

Happy Gainz Everyone!
Sandys dxp. 
Event Planner Sandy
Joined: 26th Dec 2015
Rank: Overseer
Likes 5
27th Feb 2018

Results  and wrap up:  
This dxp was exciting for all. There were milestones and great gains achieved. 
Congrats to everyone who achieved their goals - nice job!

Big Congrats to our carry-over dxp Champion " DARKSIDE MAX"   you really made this dxp very thrilling. Thanks!
RESULTS:  ( If you are on our top 10 leader board see above for your prize amount and please see me in game for your cash prize) 

1 Darkside Max  100,000,000
2 Sandys dxp 95,000,003
3 kynon 54,501,335
4 Cool Person 53,681,655
5 Hezitent 35,549,130
6 Wangbert 31,751,898
7 Dreke13 29,505,740
8 Megumi Kotan 29,494,271
9 Demonkin9 25,287,840
10 Shotnurskull 24,775,919
Thanks everyone 
See you all again for the next exciting dxp ( predicted September 21st 2018)
Sandys dxp 
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