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16th Apr 2017

This guide has been designed to give you some tips on Warbands.

When: Approx. every 7 hours a Warband wave will start  lasting around 10minutes. There will be a yellow game message to indicate when its on and where.
Where: There are 3 random wilderness locations.

Dark Warriors’ Fortress Camp
– located north of Edgeville lodestone, level 10 wilderness.

East Lava Maze Camp
– located north-west of Corporeal Beast cave, level 40 wilderness.

Red Dragon Isle Camp
– located east of Corporeal Beast cave, level 32 wilderness

There are 5 possible tents to loot. This is random also.
Herblore, Farming, Construction, Mining and Smithing.

Warband stages:
When it appears it has a middle beam clicking on this can give you prayer xp, After its gone a second beam appears clicking on this can give you summoning xp. After that the npc's battle ( stand away as they can attack you too) . Now the biggest leader dude when they turn on him, if you give him one simple little punch and run out you can get slayer xp.After that the tents open offering 3 of the 5 skilling supplies to be looted
Note: If a player disturbs any of these stages by standing too close the whole camp can shut down and loot wont be available.

What you should know:
Wilderness is never a safe place to be. There is always risk of being player killed (pked)
Take nothing - lose nothing
The Warband wave can happen in one of the mentioned camps, with 3 of 5 mentioned tents.
This is random and different for each members worlds.  will let you know when the next wave will start but will not tell you where.

Quercus is located north of Edgeville near the GE underpass ( he will tell you where the warband is and will give you reward for looting the camps)
Now lets get into this:
Step 1.  Be familiar with the Wilderness previously look at each of these warband locations to give you the best path to get to them. On your mini map Warband Camp locations have Black Squares.
Step 2. Talk to Quercus or go to the Camp as messaged in yellow type.
Step 3. Stand back away from the camp for a second and see which stage its up to.
Step 4. Click on which tent you would like supplies from. (note this instantly gives you a skull, world hopping, teleporting or death will lose everything you have looted)
Step 5. Run as fast as you can to Quercus to claim your reward by cashing in any supplies you hand in. 25 supplies can be looted at one warband timer and each person can loot 3 camps per day.

Sandys Additional Tips: Sometimes running a half inventory twice is safer than risking losing a whole inventory first go. Dwf camp is located the closest to Quercus making it easier to deposit " some supplies" safely. A swarm of Warband pkers are always close by, be safe and good luck!

Sandy x
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