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Which pair of skills should I get 99 in after Craft/Prayer?

Ranged and Magic
Runecrafting and Divination
Herblore and Woodcutting
Hunter and Agility

Event Planner Dreke13
Joined: 10th Dec 2015
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12th Dec 2015

-My current goal is to finish firing the 50k or so decorated cooking urns I molded from the 136k soft clay I bought, which will earn me 99 Crafting. I estimate ~100m profit from selling all of these, which I will use to buy 99 Prayer via 911 cleansing crystals. {Time to completion [in seconds] = (# of urns remaining) * (3.07s)}.
Update (12/14/15 12:37am) - I have 38,630 urns remaining, and 3,329,305 xp to 99 Craft!

-I also plan on earning 80 divination so I may practice Invention when it is released in January (I'm a Mechanical Engineering major so I'm very much looking forward to it).
Update (12/14/15 12:38am) - Nothing to report I'm firing alot of urns its quite boring

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Forum » Clannies » Clannie stats & goals
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