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Citadel - December 5th - December 12th
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13th Dec 2015

Hey Clannies!
As you all know, we are currently working toward T4 Citadel. Very early this next citadel week, we will be locking ore, charcoal and bar plots. This is because we are about done with bars on the upgrade and need to focus primarily on lumber, and secondarily on stone. Please try to check our upgrades when deciding which to cap on.

We aren't doing as well at the citadel as we used to. With a low number of 25 visitors a week average, we gotta pick up our game! I thank all the people who have been capping every week without fail (within reason, seeing as everyone has weeks they can't be on to do it) Your dedication to helping the clan weekly is being noticed =]

We hope to finish up the t4 upgrade this week or definitely the next. Just remember that at T4, we can put in an upgrade for a second avatar! Encourage your fellow clannies to help out this week, and have a great one!
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Forum » Runescape » Weekly Cappings
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