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Citadel - December 12th - December 19th
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20th Dec 2015

Hard at work at the citadel!

We have achieved Tier 4 Citadel! Congratz everyone! and Thank you to all those whose efforts went towards making it happen!

As usual, we will be locking plots as needed to assure that with our low number of cappers, resources that are needed, are collected. Thanks for understanding.

Currently at the citadel, we need to upgrade all plots to Tier 4. We also have our avatar habitat upgrading now, so in the coming weeks if we all work hard, be prepared to welcome back Dewbasaur.

Keep up the good work, and encourage your clan mates to cap! Thank you
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blinx241of the citadel
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20th Dec 2015

Thankyou to everyone who capped last week, 

In this weeks build tick we have planned:
  • Mining Plot Upgrade (to include precious ore)
  • Smithing Plot Upgrade (to include precious bars)
  • Avatar habitat upgrade (this means a second avatar)
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Forum » Runescape » Weekly Cappings
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