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Citadel - December 26th - January 2nd
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3rd Jan 2016

Blinx, myself and Wumbo in that order!
Hard at work as always!!

Clannies, we are getting closer to things like the summoning and crafting plots!
So far, our newest clannies have been diving into the citadel to help out, and is noticed and much appreciated!
Special thanks to all the clannies who cap weekly without fail (within reason)

We need to encourage each other to keep up with capping, as in the coming weeks, our upgrade needs only get bigger and bigger. Remember, when the clan was new with 60 people, 50 of those average capped. We can get there again!

Meow meow
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blinx241of the citadel
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4th Jan 2016

Hi everyone,

This week when have put in the build tick:

Tier 5 citadel, (next tier gives access to the summoning plot yay  )

Tier 2 Avatar Habitat (we still need plenty of lumber & precious bars to make this happen, we are 1/3 of the way thru the lumber and only a few k into the precious bars)

As always, thankyou to all the clannies who capped this week 12312
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