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April 30th - May 7th 2017
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1st May 2017

Week: April 30th - May 7th, 2017

Percentage to tier 7 as of April 30th: 77%
Primary Target: Precious Bars

This means that we need clannies to be aware of how much charcoal and precious ore we have before they decide to help. Don't know how to check? Ask a key or someone you trust (lol)
Some of you who are new to the citadel might now know that it takes 1 charcoal and 1 ore type to make a bar of said ore type (precious OR normal) So it's a 1:1 ratio. Now, that means that both precious ore and normal ore rely on charcoal to make bars.
So if we've collected 2k precious ore and 2k normal ore, we need 4k charcoal to satisfy both and make all ore types collected into bars.
We also need a fair bit more rations so expect to see this become the primary target later on in the month maybe.
Thanks Clannies, Happy Capping

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Forum » Runescape » Weekly Cappings
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