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16th Dec 2015

To begin, clan members who first join can show their willingness to help out the clan by capping.
Clannies get promotions the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 10th times they cap!! this means you can reach Captain (silver star) just by capping weekly to help out the clan.

After your 10th cap, you no longer gain promotions just from capping a certain amount of times, but it is encouraged to continue because upon reaching ADMIN rank, you are expected to cap weekly at the citadel. If you want the avatar, you have to give back to the clan for it essentially. It's only fair as you can take it and its 6% bonus, wherever you want in world 79, and everyone else gets the reduced 3%.

So, capping is mandatory (within reason) from admin+ onward, and to get to admin +, you have to cap weekly to prove you'd make a good one.

More later

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