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Touring the Citadel
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15th Apr 2017

Welcome to our Clans Citadel.
This guide has been designed to help you understand the Clans Citadel.
Location: Is South of Falador in the Clan Camp area. Once you enter the big blue portal you are in an instance world where you will see all the awesome skills that the Clans Citadel has to offer.

WAIT A MINUTE.....  Before entering the portal visit the tents to obtain the Clans Vex which enables you to teleport right to the portal. Also the Clan fealty cloak which can give you free xp.

Entering the Citadel: When inside click on the Citadel information icon located on the mini map. This is the layout that will help you discover the Citadel.
You will notice Teleportation tab icons to teleport you quickly around the Citadel.
You will be able to see how long you have until the Build tick/ Citadel resets. The Citadel resets after one week being on Sunday.
You'll also notice coloured bars this allows you to see the required upkeeps each week to keep progressing our Citadel along.
Also find the Minigames icon and clicking on that opens to view your resource cap 0/2350. By clicking on each icon you can see your progress and the Clans progress as a whole.
Woodcutter: Simply chop the roots for Woodcutting Xp.
Mining Plot: Stone to the left and right of the steps, Ore is the Blue ore, Precious Ore is the Gold ore.
Kiln plot: Click on the 4 middle woodchip bins to make charcoal. This is the firemaking skill.
Furnace plot: Bars and Precious Bars are made  here obtaining Smithing xp.
This is a 3 step process which begins with shoveling out the containers, next is clearing the mould and finally clearing the water trough.
This plot requires the help of the kiln and the mining plot to obtain the products.
Loom plot: Click on the cotton to weave loom, one click for each 6 looms for Crafting xp.
Barbecue plot: Simply click on either the chopping board or the grill for Cooking xp.
Obelisk plot: This is the Summoning skill plot, click on the pillar that is glowing.
* Note: The Obelisk has its own unique cap of just 10% of the total resource cap for each player. You will know when you've reached your Obelisk cap when you see a message saying you need to wait until the next build tick.
The Keep: Go through the door of the Keep and find the Quartermaster talk to him to see if you are eligible for a reward for helping with the Citadel.
Here you can also deposit your orts.
The town square: Here is the place where the Citadel Avatars rest until they are summoned by an Admin rank or higher.

Q and A:
Why is there an empty plot? Because the game has not found a use for it yet.
Why is the plot locked? Because a key rank has set an amount which the amount has been reached.
Why are there guards? To serve and protect.
Is there a bank here? Yes!, Through the keep doors.
How can I rank up? You gain ranks on your 1st, 3rd, 6th and 10th full cap. Notify an admin or higher when you cap to have it properly recorded and thanks!
What else happens in the Citadel? At times the Clan celebrates and holds clan events in the stadium of the Citadel Keep. Which will be announced in the Clan Chat.
How do I get out of here? Teleport to the portal to leave. Preferably after you've capped.

Have fun.
Cheers Sandy x
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