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Rule change for the clan avatar!
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24th Mar 2017

So previously, we tried to push that the avatar be prioritized for world 79. While this isn't changing, we are slackening the rule a bit.

If both avatars are in the citadel, it would be nice to prioritize keeping one of them in 79. However, if both are up there, and you want to take one out to take to a world other than 79 for an activity that can't be done in 79 (portables etc) than go ahead. Just mention that you are taking out the avatar to world X. The remaining avatar however, we would appreciate then be dedicated to world 79 if it is to be taken out as well. 

The change being that the first avatar taken out doesn't necessarily have to be designated to 79, but one of them still has to be (with exception case by case)
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Forum » Runescape » News & Announcements
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