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1st May 2017

Public Service Announcement:

Friendly Reminder: The Citadel has reset! Please make sure to visit and cap if you have not already Every visitor and citadel contribution is greatly appreciated!!

We are also making good progress towards their 7, so please everyone, keep up the great work!

Double Experience Weekend: 19th of May through May 22nd - Plan accordingly

Clan Events: Please thank KittyAshlee  and Dreke for hosting a Dungeoneering event this double xp weekend! More information can be found here: ... dungeoneering_event/

Clan Events: May 30th at 00:00 Game Time there will be a Fishing Trawler event on our home world of 79 for all of those interested

EDIT as per Dreke: Unfortunately, I can no longer do this event on Friday as I have to be somewhere for a friend, but Kittyashlee's schedule just freed up for all of DXP, so we will instead be doing this event Saturday at 20:30 game time (Which I believe is 1:30pm PST. If I'm wrong then its at 1:30pm PST). The above rules and conditions still apply, as well as the two Kittyashlee added later via the comments section. Hope to see alot of you there!

Other: If you have any other ideas for events please feel free to speak up! We love to here your opinions

Recruitment: Let's all give a big thank you to Wild Mew for all of the hard work he does in recruiting clan members!! There will be a clan event this Saturday May 6th and the following Saturday May 13th. So lets get out there and help out clan grow! Recruitment can be done in groups or on your own if you have some spare time. More clannies means, more events and more friends to share though events with!

Citadel: Our primary resource goal at the moment is to smelt those Precious Bars! 
Please visit and cap at the citadel, as every visitor and resource collected counts towards our upkeep and the illustrious Their 7 Citadel

Thank you to everyone

For even more Elysian Fields: 

Please visit our website and subreddit, where you can find events, updates, news, and much more! 

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Forum » Runescape » News & Announcements
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