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2nd Mar 2017

Hey everyone! for a month there, we were doing really well at the citadel. We didn't even have to try very hard to reach the 30 visitors needed every week. Now every double xp, I notice that many people go on a hiatus, and after the most recent, we are struggling to get cappers and visitors again.

Let's do our best to reach the 30 every week!

There are many things we can do:

-Encourage other clannies to cap
      >Invite clannies to cap at the citadel WITH you
      >Post reminders to visit the citadel every once in a while in cc, offering updates on visitor count

-Recruit to replace the numbers lost in the post-dbxp hiatus
     >World 2, grand exchange in the North West or South West corners
Suggestions? Respond to this post! Thanks all
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Forum » Runescape » News & Announcements
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