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Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Dictator Supreme
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30th May 2016

Hey clannies! How goes it?
Lately we've been struggling weekly to get our visitor count to 25! I know we can do better than this. We used to get 50 no sweat!

Even for those of you too busy to cap, even just heading up weekly to add your number would help immensely. Otherwise, we have to worry down to the last day.

I'm not gonna bite you guys if your fealty rank drops because you wanted to help out with your count, I can tell the difference between a clannie being too busy with life but still being helpful, and one who....well one who isn't helpful like you c:

Life gets busy! but I know we got this, lets get that T6 upgrade rising!

Forum » Runescape » News & Announcements
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