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Admin+ Rank Rework and Committee Introduction
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29th Aug 2017

When people join Elysian Fields, they look to admin+ ranks as model clannies who exemplify the rules and portray expected behaviour. We’ve come a long way in having a nice clan chat where people can feel comfortable generally chatting, asking questions and helping others. One thing that has been difficult however, is figuring out what differentiates between what recruits do in/for the clan versus what admin+ do in/for the clan. Up until this point, the general consensus was “more”. More capping, more effort, more clan chat environment contributions, rule enforcement etc. While this was a good start, Elysian Fields wants to become even more successful as a clan and community.

Successful social clans host a variety of events a fair number of times a month, and the higher ranks work together to keep things going day to day. Clans have to worry about citadels, people capping, people following rules, drama between clannies and much more, but then there is the game content itself. People also join clans to attack the game content as part of a community for friends, and as a resource pool. We want to excel at being both of those things, which led to the following ideas and changes.

It’s apparent that our clannies have various different interests in runescape, whether it be skilling, bossing, being community oriented and so on. This isn’t to say that clannies do not venture into other parts of the game, but there is usually one aspect of the game that clannies stick with and come back to after trying a new activity once in awhile. With this fact in mind, the key team have decided to implement a committee system in the clan, headed by our key ranks. Thus, when clannies are promoted to admin rank, they will be asked to think about and join one of the committees where they and or their time limitations best suit them. This isn’t meant to be overwhelming or a job, but rather to hold admin+ clannies accountable for earning/deserving their admin+ standing in the clan (this includes the Keys too!!).

Basically in an attempt to summarize the plan, each committee will have a minimum list for weekly/monthly contributions, and all of the admin+ will work with the keys to figure out where each individual can fit into the to-do list. It is hoped that this will bring like minded people together within the clan, and that the responsibilities can be a shared effort, and even fun too. Minimum contributions from each admin+ clannie will be personalized/discussed with the headed key as some people have more time on runescape than others and we want to accommodate absolutely everyone! Since it’s possible to find something for everyone, we will require that clannies join a committee before they can possibly be promoted past admin for all the reasoning above. These committees include: Skilling, Bossing+PVM, Community, Recruitment, and citadel.

More details for each will be posted later, however I will provide an example of what sorts of things to expect. Dreke13 and Stormyton head the skilling committee, so they are knowledgeable in the area of skilling(within reason) or else know who in the clan does know something. So Dreke13 knows that Blinx241 is a Runecrafting master and can direct clannies wondering about Runecrafting to Blinx241 for any extra/specific information. The skilling committee as a whole may set a minimum goal of trying to host at least 2 skilling inclusive clan events a month, and so Dreke13 may ask bobtheskiller to host 1 of 2 this month because it’s been quite a while since bob has done something like that.

Those with less time than others on average, who want to earn their admin+ ranks and support the clan may consider joining Wild Mew under the recruitment committee. We are working on our runescape site clan recruitment thread, which per the rules can be bumped once a day. If mew’s committee has at least 7 people, each person could have a day of the week each to bump our recruitment thread, which is fast, can be done from a smartphone and helps the clan immensely.

We hope everyone looks forward to the upcoming changes, and all questions and suggestions are appreciated

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