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Preparation for Dxp
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Event Planner Sandy
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22nd May 2017

Hey all,
            Here is a list of some Dxp preparations to help you get those dxp gainz!

A. Start preparing months in advance.
B. Plan which skills you would like to train, calculate and buy the supplies after the crash of the previous dxp. ( know your prices)
C. Schedule your real world work/activities with the expectation of dxp being September and February.
D. Work on getting some Bonus xp in the skills you want to train. ( ways of obtaining bxp is through the citadel, treasure hunter, thaler, minigames and random events).
E. Save your portable deposit boxes, portable skilling stations, proteans, pulse cores and dummies.
F. Prepare your bank and organize a tab for dxp supplies along with presetting presets.
G. Renew your avatar buffs to ensure it wont run out during the dxpw.
H. Train combat pre-dxp to have charms and cash etc ready.
I. If doing herblore prepare the herbs/pots prior.
J. Have your skilling outfits, capes, auras etc ready.
K. As we love you to cap in the citadel please take in consideration if you need to cap prior to dxp as citadel resets during the weekend.  ( yes citadel xp doubles)
L. Research the dxp guides to make sure you are fully aware of what will double.
M. Plan irl - snacks, meals, water bottles, alarms clocks, inform family and friends of your plans.
N. Arrange plans for your irl pets if necessary.
O. Plan out an itinerary of your dxp plans, research where the portables will be in advance (portables fc)
P. Plant farming trees in advance ready for the commencement of dxp.
Q. Compare the time of dxp start and end against your time zone to best prepare for
max gainz (12:00 UTC)
R. Prepare GE in advance as this can be time consuming and dxp waste.

to be continued.

Last Edit: 22nd May 2017 by Sandy
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