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Don't Die! on Steam
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Joined: 6th May 2017
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4th Jul 2017

Not sure if many of you have heard, but I am creating a game and bringing it to Steam this fall! Called Don't Die!, it is a challenge of wits and strategy. Death is just a reminder that your time is running out!

This little project, inspired by the World's Hardest Game, is more of a toy for players, offering a nice escape in the worst situation. You could even play this while training Divination so it's not too horrible!

Check out the Steam page here: Don't Die! on Steam
I am also running an alpha test through July so feel free to get some info on that right here.

There is no official release date yet, however we are expecting for early fall for release so feel free to keep an eye out!
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Forum » Runescape » General Discussion
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