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Account Security
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blinx241of the citadel
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Head Deputy Owner
Likes 20
11th Dec 2015

Hi clan!

Keeping your Runescape account secure is absolutely essential to having a happy Runescape experience. Getting your account hacked means that whole months - perhaps even years - of gaming just went down the drain.

Don't think getting hacked could happen to you? It could. It's already happened to several of us in clan.

Without further ado: below are some security notes to make your experience on Runescape more enjoyable (and less likely to be hacked). Please *please* make sure you read this and follow the steps below! It's boring stuff, but super important.  

Register for a email account (optional if you have one already)
Your email is important because it is the final line of defense to your Runescape account! Some email providers have extra phone-based security, detailed below, that makes it harder to break into your email account.

Activate 2-step authenticator on your Email account
2-step authenticator requires an additional code from your phone to log in once every 30 days, which is great because people who don't have your phone can't get in!
Quick instructions here

Change your Runescape email address to your newly secured email address!

Add 2-step verification to your Runescape account

Make sure you have a Runescape bank PIN set up! This step ensures that even if a hacker gets into your account, they may not be able to do any economic damage to your account.
Instructions here
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blinx241of the citadel
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Head Deputy Owner
Likes 20
11th Dec 2015

(The following is provided by Tyler Gee from our ally clan Asgaard)

I would like to preface this guide by saying a few things.

• There are download links in this guide. These are not direct download links (links that give you a pop-up to download a program), but rather links to pages that host the downloads themselves. You do not have to click on the hyperlinks if you don't want to. If you want to see where they are directed to you can right-click them, Copy Link Location, and paste it in a notepad which will display the URL from the link.

• I will try to make this guide as user friendly as possible by using plenty of images, text to describe them, spoilers, and some hyperlinks. All images will be shown of Windows. I will add download links for other Operating Systems if they are available.

• Everything in this guide will be 100% free. There are no purchases required to use any of these products, though some may offer a paid version.

• Please let me know if you have any suggestions/fixes/whatever and I will check them out/fix them/or whatever.
blinx241of the citadel
Joined: 9th Dec 2015
Rank: Head Deputy Owner
Likes 20
11th Dec 2015

(The following is provided by Tyler Gee from our ally clan Asgaard)

I am going to start this guide by talking about the Authenticator which is an extremely important part of keeping your account secure. The Authenticator assigns your account to only be logged in at a specific location. I am now going to (hopefully) explain how to install and use the Authenticator in a simple manner.

Below are links for supported phones of the Authenticator. If you are unable to download the application due to not having one of the phones DO NOT WORRY. I am going to explain how to do this on your desktop/laptop computers at the end of the initial explaination.

• iOS
• Android
• Windows Phone

1) After downloading one of the above please visit this link to start the process of attaching your authenticator to your account.

2) Open up the app and do this. This image is taken directly from the wiki on the official rs site.

Your account should now have an authenticator attached to it. This means that every time you log in to Runescape you will have to open up your authenticator, generate a code from it, and enter the code after your login credentials (Which looks like this).

Yes you may tick the 'Trust this computer for 30 days' option if you want to. If your account is compromised and you have chosen this option, the compromiser will be asked to enter a code. THIS IS WHY THE AUTHENTICATOR IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. They will be unable to access your account and you will probably get an email saying someone tried to log in. Change your password immediately if this happens to you.

If you are unable to download an authenticator via the methods from above fear not. Here are some ways that you can do the same on your computer:

• Bluestacks is an Android Emulator that can be installed on your computer. This means that you can run a pseudo-android like device (phone/tablet) on your pc without having the physical device. Search for the appropriate app that I linked above after installation (you might actually have to search via the app name instead).

• Windows
• Mac

• You can also add the Authenticator to a USB if you own one. Please set up a password for use in case your USB stick is lost.
Last Edit: 11th Dec 2015 by blinx241
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